Hamer Faramarzi

Basement Residency at CASS

Body Within Screens

As we get more and more involved with screens in our daily lives, from our mobile phones and computers to advertising displays and TV screens, there is a sense of a control that we experience everyday. “Body within screens” will comment on this digital containment. It observes the body through different types of screens and investigates how the body reacts, deforms or fits in technological devices and screens. 

Video/Sound Installation



Hands and Feet

Observing Gestures

Interacting with technological devices generates repetitive gestures that over time they've become part of our personal and social everyday routines or everyday rituals. Such behaviours come and go everyday, perhaps of which, we're observing. But over time when we watch enough, they might hint at how the future rituals look like.


Breakfast Rituals

Overlapping sounds of the breakfast rituals build up into a crescendo to demand attention so we consider how the seemingly arbitrary becomes a ritual - from the unexpected noise of the toaster popping to the alarm clock.Words repeated rhythmically to echo the habitual rituals of everyday life, and how these become ingrained. These Western habits are contrasted with the more humble and narrated sounds of the Iranian Dervish people's music, played to accompany the making of bread.

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Three Transitions

Me Toaster

Stills from video

Mirror Toaster

Stills from video

Vill Biola

Stills from video

Store Somewhere Cool